Report housing fraud

We take housing fraud very seriously. If you know or suspect housing fraud is taking place, please let us know. Here's some of the things we want to know about:

  • Someone is sub-letting a property or applying for the right to buy and living somewhere else
  • Someone is working but hasn’t told the Housing Benefits team about their income
  • Someone hasn’t told the Housing Benefits team about someone else living in their home
  • Someone is renting their garage or parking space to another person
  • Someone is mis-using an estate parking permit


By phone

Fraud Hotline Tel: 020 7364 1222
Outside office hours please phone: 020 7364 7443 (24 hour answer phone).


Visit us

You can tell us about suspected fraud by reporting it confidentially to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer. We will work closely and share information and intelligence with Tower Hamlets Council, the police and the benefit agency.