Prices and FAQs

Customer FAQ’s

How much does an Estate Facility cost?

Facility Type Tower Hamlets Homes Resident* Non Tower Hamlets Homes Resident in LBTH**
Car Space for blue badge holder No Charge No Charge
Car Space for non-blue badge holder £2.23 per week £2.68 per week
Garage for blue badge holder £5.50 per week £6.60 per week
Garage for non-blue badge holder £11.00 per week £13.20 per week
Storage Shed/Pram Shed £1.85 per week Not available for Non-residents 

*Please note this price is for Tower Hamlets Homes named tenants, leaseholders and their partners only

**This price includes family members and sub tenants of Tower Hamlets Homes

I haven’t heard anything, what’s going on?

If you have applied, please wait 20 working days for a response. If you do not hear anything, this means your application was not successful.

Do I have to re-apply for the same bay again if I want it?

Yes, you must submit a new application

How do I know my application was rejected for other reasons such as incorrect documents?

Due to the number of applications we cannot provide any specific reasons for your refusal. However, all allocations are made on the basis of priority. If applicants have the same priority, the decision is based on who made the application first. It is also important to read the information on our website carefully and make sure you submit the correct documents, in particular the V5C log book making sure all documents are readable.

Can you check that you've received my application?

If you have an application reference number, this means we have received your application and it was submitted successfully.

I keep applying and I keep getting rejected but no-one is using the bay, why is that?

There may be a temporary suspension on this bay and it may be used to relocate another person.

Who gets priority for the bays?

1.    THH residents with a valid Disabled Blue Badge
2.    THH tenants and leaseholders, their partners and their family members
3.    THH Freeholders/THH leaseholder’s sub-tenants

What do I do if someone is parked in my bay?

If you are a permit holder for any given area your permit allows you to park in any other bay in the SAME AREA. Please choose either a visitor or contractor bays if available, but if not another available numbered bay. 

What happens if someone continuously parks in my bay? 

If the vehicle is showing a valid permit our enforcement contractor; NSL, will make a note of the vehicle and Tower Hamlets Homes will contact the permit holder and instruct them to move.

I have guests coming over, where can they park?

Visitors can park in the designated visitor’s bay marked with ‘V’ and have to display a Visitors scratch card which can be obtained from Tower Hamlets Council’s One Stop Shop.  Scratch cards should be obtained prior to your visitor’s arrival. You can call them on 0207 364 5003.

I've lost my permit / I've changed my vehicle, what do I do?

Print a copy of the replacement permit form. Email the completed form with your vehicle documentation if you changed your vehicle to or take it to the THH counter staff at Rushmead or Watney Market Idea Store.There is a charge of £10 which you will be requested to pay before the permit is sent out. Please use your "any vehicle" permit until you receive your permit.

Please note, your rent/service charge account must be up to date to replace your permit.

Can I give my "any vehicle" permit to someone else to use?

No. "Any vehicle" permits are only for the registered permit holder to use when they're waiting for a new permit.

Can I use both permits at the same time, ‘Any vehicle’ and the normal permit?

No, you can only use ONE permit at a time. If both permits are used at any one time the vehicle displaying the “any vehicle” will be ticketed.

We've got two cars, can we have more than one permit?

We will allow a maximum of two car spaces per household subject to availability.

Do I automatically receive my renewed permit?

Yes, however we will check your rent or service charge account and if you are in any arrears we may not renew your permit. We will write to you to inform you if this happens.

My renewal permit expired; I did not receive my permit. What do I do?

If you have not received your permit two weeks after it has expired, you need to contact us. However, you have one month grace period from the date your permit expired which means you will not receive any parking fines for that period.

I have a motorbike, can I apply for a garage?

Yes, you can, please use the online system and follow the instructions on the applications page

My garage/car space has been repossessed – What do I do?

You must clear your arrears and apply for another bay/garage.  If you have a query about your rent, please contact our rents department on 0207 364 5015 to discuss your arrears.

I have cleared my arrears, can I have my car space or garage back?

We are unable to reinstate your account.  Once your account is cleared, you must use the online system to reapply for another available car space/garage. If the garage/car space you had is available, you can apply for it as usual.

Are skips allowed on car spaces?

Skips are not normally allowed on car spaces as these cause obstructions to other car users.  However your Housing Officer may be able to see if an temporary arrangement can be made. Please email the Housing Officer for the estate you wish to use for more information, please be sure to include the duration of works.  Please note there may be a cost involved in this process.

Can I have 2 car spaces for 1 car?

No, we only allow one car space per car.

Can I have a car space and a garage for 1 car?

No, we only allow one facility per car.

Can I have more than 2 car spaces allocated to my property?

No, we only allow a maximum of 2 car spaces per property.