Estate Parking Permit- Conditions of use

The following is stated at the back of the permit page when the permit was issued to you. You must adhere to the conditions below:

  1. This permit is valid as specified overleaf.
  2. Permit holders must ensure that they park in the correct bay for which this permit is valid. If your bay is obstructed for any reason, the permit is valid for any other bay within the area specified on your permit. Continued unnecessary use of the wrong bay, may lead to your facility being withdrawn
  3. The user must ensure that the vehicle is parked within the confines of the designated parking bay.
  4. It is the permit holders' responsibility to display their valid permit so that all the details on the face may readily be seen, clearly dsplayed, attached to the inside of the front windscreen, next to the Tax disc.
  5. The issue of a permit does not render Tower Hamlets Council or Tower Hamlets Homes subject to any liability in respect of the loss or damage to any vehicle in a parking bay or to the contents or fittings of any such vehicle
  6. Any alteration to the permit or defacement which makes any of the information illegible will render it invalid, this includes duplication
  7. THH reserves the right to change the conditions of use on 28 days notice
  8. Responsibility tor the renewal or replacement of this permit rests with the holder. Neither the Council nor THH will take any responsibility if an out of date permit is displayed on a vehicle, which is subsequently subject to parking enforcement action.
  9. The permit showing the vehicle registration must be surrendered for a change of vehicle. An administration charge will be made. The any vehicle permit supplied should be displayed until the new registration has been processed
  10. A duly authorised THH staff member may suspend the use of a parking bay.
  11. If parking control is suspended in a given area due to major works for example, no refund of rental charges will be made, as alternative parking arrangements will be provided.
  12. Continued use of this permit after permission has heen withdrawn will lead to immediate enforcement action.
  13. Should your permit need to be replaced due to the vehicle or its contents being stolen the permit will be replaced free of charge on the production of a valid crime reference number.