Parking on estates

Parking control on estates

When you park on a Tower Hamlets Homes estate you must always display a valid estate parking permit. Vehicles will be ticketed if a valid permit isn’t displayed or if your vehicle is causing an obstruction.

We enforce parking control on most estates in order to stop commuters and vehicles from parking illegally in your area. All parking spaces on your estate are marked so you know where you can and cannot park.

Report an unauthorised vehicle

Call 08433 571 555 to report an unauthorised vehicle on your estate.


Abandoned vehicles

We keep an eye out for abandoned vehicles in our neighbourhoods. If you see an abandoned vehicle on your estate, please report it on the council's website or contact us.

An abandoned vehicle will be removed if it is causing a public nuisance, is untaxed or if it has not been removed by the owner for a specified length of time.