Parking on Tower Hamlets Homes estates

You must display a valid estate parking permit when you park on a Tower Hamlets Homes estate.

You’ll get a parking ticket if you don’t display a valid estate parking permit or your vehicle causes an obstruction.

NSL enforce the parking rules in the neighbourhoods THH manage.

How much is a parking ticket?

A parking ticket (Parking Charge Notice) carries a fine of £100. You have 28 days to pay.

The charge drops to £60 if you pay the ticket within 14 days of the notice being issued

Estate parking permits

You get an estate parking and Any Vehicle permit when you rent a car space from Tower Hamlets Homes.

Estate parking permits and Any Vehicle permits are valid for one year.  

You can only use an estate parking permit or Any Vehicle permit on a Tower Hamlets Homes estate.

Apply for a car space or garage here.

You can’t use an estate permit or any vehicle permit:

  •  to park on the street
  • to park on other private land
  • at the same time (within the area specified on your estate parking permit).

Other parking permits

Visitor’s parking

Visitor’s parking is available on most estates. 

Bays are usually marked ‘V’, ‘Vis’ or ‘Visitor’.

You must display a visitor’s scratch card when you park in a visitor's bay. You’ll get a parking ticket if a valid visitor’s scratch card is not displayed.

Apply for visitor’s scratch cards

Visitor’s scratch cards are available from the council.

Apply online or enquiry in person at the council’s One Stop Shop. 


Disabled parking

Disabled parking is available on some THH estates.

Disabled bays are usually marked ‘Disabled’ or with the international wheelchair symbol.

You must display a valid blue badge when you park in a disabled bay. You’ll get a parking ticket if you don’t display a valid blue badge.  



As well as car spaces, you can rent garages on Tower Hamlets Homes estates. 

Garages are in high demand, so you could wait a long time before one becomes available.

Apply for a car space or garage here.