Estate parking permits

When you park on a Tower Hamlets Homes estate you must always display a valid estate parking permit. Vehicles will be ticketed if a valid permit isn’t displayed or if your vehicle is causing an obstruction. Apply for a car space or garage here.

We enforce parking control on most estates in order to stop commuters and vehicles from parking illegally in your area. All parking spaces on your estate are marked so you know where you can and cannot park.

Renew a permit 

Permits are valid for one year. We will send you a new permit one month before your current permit ends.

We check if your rent or service charge account is in credit. If your rent or service charge account is in arrears, we may cancel your permit and end your parking licence agreement.

If you don't receive a new permit, you have 28 days from the expiry date of your current permit to notify us. After this time, you will be charged a replacement fee to renew your permit.

You can continue to park in your bay for up to 28 days after your old permit expires while you wait for your new permit to be resent. You must display your old permit while parked on a THH estate.


Change of bay

Tower Hamlets Homes only offers Tower Hamlets Homes residents a change of bay in exceptional circumstances. This is mainly for disabled residents who have mobility issues.

We aim to respond to applications within 20 working days.


Cancelling your car space or garage or shed

You can cancel your car space or garage or shed when you no longer own a vehicle or have changed your address. All car space, garage or shed licences must end on a Monday.

Before you cancel your Licence you must have also: 

  • Cleared your arrears (if you have any)
  • Cleared your garage or car space or shed of any possessions and rubbish

Cancel your licence by:

  1. Filling in a V2 ‘Termination of Licence’ form'. Electronic or typed signature is not accepted.
  2. Email the completed form to or take it to the THH counter staff at Rushmead or Watney Market Idea Store.
  3. Return all keys, fobs and permits associated with your car space or garage or shed to the THH counter staff at Rushmead or Watney Market Idea Store
  4. If you don't, you may be recharged for a lock change or rubbish clearance, and you will receive an arrears letter to tell you to pay the balance and when you have to pay.

Visitor parking permits

Visitors must park their vehicle in bay marked with a ‘V’, ‘Vis’ or ‘Visitor’ and display a visitor’s scratchcard. Visitor scratchcards are available from Tower Hamlets Council.