Estate parking permits

When you park on a Tower Hamlets Homes estate you must always display a valid estate parking permit. Vehicles will be ticketed if a valid permit isn’t displayed or if your vehicle is causing an obstruction.


Replacing or renewing your permit

We renew your estate parking permit automatically every year as long as your rent or leasehold charges are in credit and up to date. This helps us to make sure only authorised vehicles park on your estate.

If your rent or service charge account is in arrears when you apply for a permit renewal, we may end any storage shed, garage, parking space or permit when they expire so that these do not add to your arrears.

Lost or damaged permit

Contact us if you lose or damage your permit. We will send you a replacement permit within five working days. (We charge for this service.)


Changing your vehicle

Please tell us when you change your vehicle. We will send you a permit for your new vehicle within five working days. (We charge for this service.) We will ticket vehicles if a valid permit isn’t displayed. 


Visitor parking permits

Visitors must park their vehicle in bays marked with a ‘V’, ‘Vis’ or ‘Visitor’ and display a visitor’s scratchcard. Visitor scratchcards are available from Tower Hamlets Council.