Applying for a car space or garage

THH manages the allocation of garages and parking space permits on all LBTH owned estates through an interactive parking map which shows available spaces in red.

Although it is possible for anybody to apply for a parking space, Council Tenants and Leaseholders will always be given priority when a space becomes available. If you are hoping to be able to park, it is advisable that you regularly check availability on the website as spaces attract considerable interest and are let quickly. 

Given the sheer number of applications and the high demand for parking, THH will only contact you if you have been successful in your bid.  If you have not heard from us within 20 working days of submitting your application please assume it has not been successful.

We will be unable to update you on your individual application either online or through the Housing Services Centre and would advise you to keep an eye on the website so that you can apply more quickly when an opportunity becomes available.


Suspended bays and garages

From time to time, we may suspend some bays or garages for the use of contactors whilst they are carrying out refurbishment or maintenance works. This may mean that a licensee will lose their space temporarily to allow works to be completed. We will use our best endeavours to find an alternative space for the licence holder during this period but due to density on our estates, this is not always possible. We will always seek to complete works as soon as possible to minimise any disruption for residents.

Current suspensions:

 Suspensions to Parking Bays:

  • 1-32 Ravenscroft Park (including visitors and contractors bays) - All bays
  • Berner Estate – All bays
  • 15-29 and 43 Vine cottages (including visitors and contractors bays).
  • Stafford Crips House – All bays
  • James Brine House –  All bays
  • Orion House – All bays     
  • Cambridge Heath Road, Cleveland Estate – bays 1-18 - All bays
  • Wickford Street - All bays     
  • Rhodeswell Road – Bays 19-25 only
  • Rogers Estate – Bays 1-20 only
  • Landon Walk – All bays

Suspensions to Garages:

  • Norwood House – All garages
  • Poplar High Street – All garages
  • Discovery House – All garages
  • Smythe Street – All garages
  • Shetland Road – All garages
  • Mull House – All garages
  • Godley VC House - All garages
  • Hanbury Street – All garages
  • Strouts Place – All garages
  • William Caslon House – All garages
  • Reardon/Lowder House – All bays
  • O’Brien House – All garages
  • Wickford Street - All garages


If you apply for any of the above bays or garages your application will be refused. Spaces will be available to THH residents once the works are completed. 


Current Technical Difficulties

There is currently a technical problem on our inter-active parking map which THH is trying to resolve.

As set out above, a number of car spaces and garages on LBTH estates have been held to allow for decent homes work to take place.  Unfortunately, due to a system error the properties set out above though showing as being “open to offer” are not actually “available”.  Every effort is being made to resolve these problems as soon as possible and we will update this website when this has occurred.  We would thank you for your patience in this. 


Re-possessing bays or garages for development purposes

The council may require possession of your facility for refurbishment, estate re-design or the building of new homes. In these circumstances, THH will make every endeavour to find a new facility for the Licence holder but again cannot guarantee a positive outcome.  


Starting your application

You can apply online for a garage or car space* using our Interactive Parking Map.

Please note, if you are applying for a parking space on one of the following estates:

  • Tarling West Estate
  • Shadwell Gardens
  • Gales Gardens
  • Rectory Square

You must live on the same block as these estates to apply for parking on them. If you do not live on the same estate the application will be refused.

Click the map to start or go to the 'How does it work?' section and follow the steps below.


Using the GIS Map

  1. Choose a car space or garage. Use the Interactive Parking Map and Parking GIS Map guide to help you. (Car spaces and garages available to rent are shown in red on the parking map).
  2. Apply online using this form.
  3. Applications will be allocated based on the following priority list:
    • Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) residents with Disabled Blue Badge
    • Tower Hamlets Homes (THH) tenants and leaseholders, their partners and their family members
    • Other LBTH residents with Disabled Blue Badge
    • THH Freeholders, THH leaseholder’s sub-tenants and Other LBTH resident
    • THH & LBTH Employees
    • Non-residents and business users.
  4. We will then check your rent or service charge account and the documents you have submitted. These checks usually take about 20 working days. Non-Tower Hamlets Homes residents may have to wait longer, as priority will be given to Tower Hamlets Homes tenants or leaseholders.
  5. If your application is successful, we will ask you to sign an Estate Facility Licence form and a Direct Debit Form.
  6. If you have applied for a garage we will ask you to collect the keys to the garage from our front counters.  If you have applied for a parking space we will send you a parking permit in the post.

Documents required to support your application

We can only accept the documents listed below.  Your application will be rejected if you provide incorrect or unreadable documentation.

  1. Insurance Certificate and ONE required from the list below:
    • second page of Vehicle Registration Document (V5C). This must be registered to you at your current address
    • Completed New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2) dated within the last eight weeks (making sure date, name and address are filled in)
    • Motability Insurance Certificate
    • Lease or Hire Agreement (must be signed) showing contractual start date and length of agreement
    • Signed company letter on headed paper dated in the last 28 days of the application confirming; your name and address, vehicle details, you are an employee, you are insured to drive the vehicle and you have the permission to drive the vehicle for business and personal use.
  2. Proof of Residency ONE required from the list below:
    • Driving licence registered at your current address
    • Signed tenancy agreement
    • DWP Letter
    • Council Tax Registration
    • Electoral Registration
    • Copy of Lease
    • Bank or Building Society Statement (dated in the last 3 months)
    • Utility Bill (dated in the last 6 months)


If you qualify for an exemption please provide the following:

  • Both sides of blue badge. Your blue badge must be registered at your current address to qualify for exemption.

Rules for parking on estates

  1. If your bay is obstructed for any reason, the permit is valid for any other bay within the area specified on your permit.
  2. You are not permitted to have more than one parking space or garage on the same estate registered to the same vehicle.
  3. Your vehicle must not occupy more than one parking space and should fit within the confines of the parking space provided to you.

  4. We may carry out random audits with your parking space or garage tenancy at any time and we may request to see your car documentation (proof of ownership etc) which you must provide on request.
  5. You must adhere to the terms and conditions stated on your licence form at all times. We will send you your licence form that contains our terms and conditions when we allocate you a parking space or garage.

Please note that due to the high demand for parking facilities you will only be contacted if your application is successful.