Malmesbury- Minnie Lansbury clock

Minnie Lansbury Memorial Clock, Bow Road, E3



Minnie Lansbury (1889 -1922) was a leading suffragette on the first Labour-led council in the Metropolitan Borough of Poplar. Minnie was the first wife (married 1914) of Edgar Lansbury, son of George Lansbury, Mayor of Poplar and later leader of the Labour Party. Minnie Lansbury joined the east London suffragettes in 1915. She was also chairman of the War Pensions Committee, fighting for the rights of widows, orphans and wounded from World War I. She was elected alderman on Poplar’s first Labour council in 1919, before women received Parliamentary suffrage.

In 1921, she was one of five women on Poplar Council who, along with their male colleagues, were jailed for six weeks for refusing to levy full rates in the poverty-stricken area.

The Minnie Lansbury Memorial Clock on Electric House in Bow Road was put up in the 1930s. The Memorial Clock was restored in 2008 through a public appeal organised by the Jewish East End Celebration Society and the Heritage of London Trust.

In May 2006 Tower Hamlets Council, who own the clock approached the Heritage of London Trust for a grant to restore it. The clock was restored and unveiled on October 16th, 2008.

Source: Wikipedia