Limehouse - Mercers' Cottages


Limehouse - Mercers' Cottages


Lady Jane Mico's Almshouses were built here in 1691 by the Mercers' Company, following a bequest of 1670 by Lady Jane Mico, wife of Mercer and Alderman Sir Samuel Mercer. Her endowment was to house 10 poor widows of London of 50 years and older.

In 1965 the Mercers' began plans to rebuild new almshouses nearby under an agreement with the GLC, who took over responsibility for the original cottages.

The new almshouses opened in 1976 and since 1980 the residents here have ceased to be recipients of Lady Mico's Charity.

The cottages have a communal garden along the frontage, bounded by C19th railings to the roadway with mature lime trees; at the rear are small private gardens.


On the front centre of the terrace is a stone carved female bust above a cartouche with the words 'The gift of Dame / Jane Mico Relict of / Sir Sam Mico Mercer dec / Built Ano 1691' and underneath: 'REBVILT / BY THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF MERCERS / AD 1856'. A plaque on the flank wall repeats this information.

source: eastlondlines

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