Your caretakers

Caretaker flowers

What do our caretakers do?

Our caretakers are a committed team, striving to keep your neighbourhood clean, tidy and safe. The caretakers work hard cleaning all of the communal parts of the estates, including lifts, lobbies and block entrances as well as estate areas, paths, roads, and parking areas.

Your caretakers do more than cleaning; they regularly check light bulbs and report any identified communal repairs.  They also report anti-social behaviour issues including vandalism and rough sleepers. Caretakers remove graffiti as quickly as possible to keep our estates looking welcoming and safe.  Offensive graffiti is removed with 24 hours.  Non-offensive graffiti is removed within 5 days. 

Caretakers keep a watchful eye on your estate, feeding back to us on any issues they see. We have over 150 caretakers working across our estates managed by 13 caretaking team leaders looking after our 27 neighbourhoods. Your caretakers are easy to spot, wearing THH uniform and Hi-Vis vests.  We encourage you to say hello to your caretaker, and talk to them about any caretaking issues you may have.  Caretakers work 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.  We have a mobile team on call 24/7 for any urgent issues; please call 0207 364 5015 to report out of-hours caretaking issues. 

What can I do to help?

Please respect the communal areas of our estates.  Always dispose of rubbish correctly, and recycle as much as possible. For advice on waste disposal please visit ‘Getting rid of household waste’.  If you need to report any caretaking issues or graffiti, you can call our contact centre on 0207 364 5015, or email us