Drainage Team

At THH we are proud to have our own in-house drainage team who deal with all blocked drains on communal parts of estates. They also resolve any emergency blockages which are in communal drains or main stack pipes. These blockages can cause back surges to your sinks, baths or toilets.  The team are here to help you by clearing these problems as soon as possible, and offer a 24/7 service to residents of THH.

If you see a blocked drain on your estate, reporting it to your caretaker is the quickest and easiest way to notify us of the problem.  Alternatively you can call our contact centre on 0207 364 5015 or email us: contactus@thh.org.uk to report a blocked drain, or if you are experiencing a back surge in your property.

Remember our drainage team is only for blockages in communal drains and blockages to main stack pipes causing back surges to properties.  Any internal blockages in your own property are your own responsibility, and you will need to contact a plumber.

Our drainage team:

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