Cooking with gas

Regulations concerning gas cooking appliances

What are the requirements?
Any new gas cooking appliances bought for use in ‘multi occupancy properties’ (flat, multi-storey flat, maisonette, bedsit, sheltered flat or sheltered bedsit) cannot be installed unless they contain a Flame Supervision Device. 

This is not a requirement for commercial properties, terraced houses, detached or semi detached houses.

What is a Flame Supervision Device?
A Flame Supervision Device makes gas hob burners safer. They detect when there is no flame present on the appliance and automatically switch off the fuel supply. This stops the build up of gas, which if ignited could lead to an explosion or a fire. A Flame Supervision Device is also known as a Flame Safety Device or Flame Failure Device. 

How does this affect residents?
If you live in, or are about to take up residency in, a flat, maisonette or bedsit or sheltered flat, any new gas cookers or gas hobs must be fitted with a Flame Supervision Device.


Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer to install, repair and service your gas appliances.