Keeping communal areas safe

Keeping your block tidy reduces the fire risk and also makes your neighbourhood a nicer place to live. We regularly service and check all installations including fire equipment, lifts, lighting and communal boilers, and we also check them on our regular inspections. We also remove unauthorised boards placed by estate agents or other advertisers. If you see something that needs fixing, please report it to our Repairs Helpline on 0800 376 1637.

Preventing fires outside your home

Please remember your home can be at risk of fire if items are stored or left outside your front door, in communal areas or corridors. These act as easy fuel for fires and are one of the biggest fire hazards.

If it is set on fire, rubbish near windows, doors or in communal areas can trap you in your home.

  • Keep the landings, stairwells and common areas free from obstructions, such as cycles and pushchairs
  • Do report any damage to fire extinguishers or fire blankets to our Repairs Helpline
  • Do have unwanted furniture or kitchen appliances removed by calling Streetline on 020 7364 5004
  • Do put recycling out on collection day only
  • Do put general rubbish safely into the chutes provided

If you see someone deliberately setting a fire phone 999 or Crime-stoppers.