Sub letting your property

As a THH leaseholder, the terms of your lease generally allows for you to sublet your leasehold property. However, this is subject to the condition that all sublets must be registered with THH as soon it has been let. Failure to register a sublet with THH constitutes an enforceable breach of the conditions of your lease.


When registering a sublet with THH you will have to submit a copy of the tenancy agreement for each of the tenancies that you have offered and provide a copy of a valid gas safety certificate for the property that you are subletting.


Where the sublet is for period of 12 months or more you are also required to complete a Deed of Covenant, confirming that the tenancy agreement you have with your tenant has the same conditions as your lease. As THH a leaseholder, you will always remain responsible for complying with all the terms of the lease and the conduct of your tenants during the period that the property is sublet.


You will also need to tell us your new contact details, so that we can get in touch with you urgently if we need to, and so that we can be sure we are sending your invoices to the correct address.


Before you sublet your property

If you have a mortgage you will need to get your bank or building society permission to sublet your property, as it may be a condition of the mortgage that you live in the property.


If you sublet your property, you may not be covered for accidental damage under the building insurance policy.  You must tell us that you are subletting your property so that we can check that any insurance claim you make is covered.


Note that letting your property via short term holiday let platforms such as Airbnb does not count as legitimate subletting behaviour and is not allowed. Your tenant must also be made aware of this.


Sublet Registration Pack


THH Sublet Update Form


Deed of Covenant (template and guidance notes)


Sublet Registration Guidance and FAQs


You can download the full pack here


Each new registration of sublets carries an administrative fee of £25 per tenancy registered. This can be paid by cheque or postal order made payable to ‘London Borough of Tower Hamlets’. Alternatively we can call you back to take a debit/ credit card payment over the phone.


Rights and responsibilities of Leaseholders who sublet their property


Leaseholder subletting information pack


Information for Tenants of Leaseholders


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