What happens if you don't pay your service charges?

We’ll contact you if your account falls into arrears. We’ll tell you how much you owe and explain how you should pay (in full or in instalments) and when you should pay.

If you're finding it difficult to keep up with your payments, let us know. We can help you:

  • Look at the money you have coming in and the money you have going out
  • Apply for all the welfare benefits you are entitled to

We’ll start legal action if:

  • You don't seek any help or assistance with your debt (for example speaking to your mortgage lender or bank)
  • You don't agree to a repayment arrangement to clear your arrears
  • You don't keep to an agreement you made with us to pay by instalments

Legal action may lead to a court order against you to pay the debt. A record of the court order will normally be kept for six years unless you pay the debt within one month. This may affect your ability to obtain credit.

If you do not comply with the court order, we will ask the court for permission to enforce the order. This might include:

  • Deducting debt from your salary
  • Securing a charge for the debt against your property
  • Removing your possessions from your property and selling them to repay the debt
  • Selling your property to repay the debt or ending your lease and repossessing the property

If you have money problems talk to us straight away. Don’t ignore the situation.
No matter how difficult your financial circumstances may seem, we will work with you to help you get your service charge account back on track.


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Email: contactus@thh.org.uk