Tenants and Residents Associations

Tenant & Resident Associations (TRAs) are a great way to get involved in your community. They give a voice to residents who want to be involved in how their homes and neighbourhoods are run. 

If there aren’t any TRAs in your area, why not set one up? We can offer you advice, support and training.


 Neighbourhood TRA details
 1. Chicksand         Chicksand East TRA
Ground Floor
Pauline House
Old Montague Street 
E1 5NX
Chair: Philip Linnell 
 2. Avebury Sorry, there is no recognised TRA 
in this neighbourhood 
 3. Bethnal Green Road Hereford TRA
c/o Bentworth Court Friendship Club
Granby Street
London E2 6DN
Chair: Jack Beacon 
4. Dorset  Columbia TRA
11 Ravenscroft Street
E2 7SH
Chair: Pam Haluwa

Gascoigne Neighbourhood Assoc.
Dunmore Community Hut
E2 7LX
Chair: Irene Grindell
5. Boundary  Sorry, there is no recognised TRA 
in this neighbourhood
6. Hollybush  St Peter's Square TRA
St Peter's Church Hall
Warner Place, E2
Chair: Joseph Hayes

Teesdale & Hollybush TRA
Keddleston Walk Community Centre
Hollybush Gardens
E2 9RP
Chair: Margaret Cox
Tel: 07940 234 826 
 7. Approach

Approach TRA
Mayfield House Community Centre Cambridge Heath Road
E2 9LG
Chair: Philip Magee email: approach.tra@gmail.com

Patriot Square TRA
First Floor Community Hall
Mayfield House
Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9LG
Chair: Sam Van Rood
(Representing: Mayfield House, James Docherty House, William Caslon House, and  Ebenzer Mussel House.)

Wellington Tenants & Residents Association
Chair: Gabriela Salva
email: wellingtonestatetra@gmail.com

 8. Old Ford Road Parkview Residents' Association
The Glass House
161 Old Ford Road
E2 9QB
Chair: Steve Westlake 
 9. Cranbrook Cranbrook TRA
Cranbrook Community Centre
Mace Street
E2 0RB
Chair: Liam McQuade
 10. Roman Road Sorry, there is no recognised TRA 
in this neighbourhood. 
 11. Collingwood Collingwood TRA
Collingwood Community Hall
[Adjacent to Orion House]
Collingwood Street E1
Chair:Iain Lawson
web: http://www.collingwoodtra.org.uk/
twitter: @CollingwoodTRA
email: info@collingwoodtra.org.uk 
 12. Globe Town Longnor TRA
Longnor Community Centre
2 Bradwell Street
E1 4GP
Chair: Joan Burton
email: longnortra@gmail.com 
 13. Malmesbury Sorry, there is no recognised TRA 
in this neighbourhood. 
 14. St Stephen's Sorry, there is no recognised TRA 
in this neighbourhood. 
 15. Poplar High Street Sorry, there is no recognised TRA 
in this neighbourhood. 
 16. East India Dock Road Will Crooks TRA
1 Wigram House
Wades Place
E14 0DE
Chair:Sister Christine Frost

Birchfield TRA
Birchfield Senior Citizens Club
50 Saltwell Street
E14 0DZ
Chair: Hassan Salekin (Siraj) 
 17. Barley Mow Barley Mow TRA
Barley Mow TRA Hall
Brewster House
Three Colt Street
E14 8HU
Chair: Derek Cutler 
 18. Locksley Locksley TRA
Dora Hall
Dora Street
E14 7TP
Chair: Steve Russell 
 19. Ocean North
 20. Ocean South
Ocean Tenants & Leaseholders
Community Hall
Anson House Forecourt
Ernest Street
E1 4SE
Chair: Brenda Daley
email: oceanestatetla@mail.com 
 21. Limehouse Brunton Wharf TRA
Grd Floor Anglia House
66 Salmon Lane
E14 7PW
Chair: Ian Campbell
email: bruntonwharftra@hotmail.com

Pitsea TRA
Ogilvie Community Hall
Stepney Causeway
E1 0JP
Chair: Elaine King
email: pitsea_estate_tra@postmaster.co.uk

Waterview House TRA
Chair: Giammarco Campenella
email: waterviewtra@gmail.com

Latham House TRA 
Latham House TRA Room,
Latham House
Chudleigh Street
E1 0RD
Chair: Abu Sayeed Muhammed 
 22. St Dunstan's Sorry, there is no recognised TRA 
in this neighbourhood.  
 23. Sidney Sidney Street TRA
2 Jarman House
Jubilee Street
E1 3BL
Chair: Tony Hoolaghan
email: admin@sidneytra.plus.com 
 24. Shadwell Shadwell Gardens TRA
Shadwell Community Centre
129 Shadwell Gardens
Cable Street
E1 2QL
Chair: Burhan Uddin
email: shadwelltra@gmail.com

Tarling West TRA
1a Newton House
Cornwall Street
E1 2QW
Chair: Lutfur Rahman
email: tarlingwest.tra@gmail.com 
 25. Berner & Royal Mint Berner TRA
Berner TRA Hall
1st Floor Berner Centre
Ponler Street
E1 1QN
Chair:Mahmud Ahmed

Royal Mint TRA
Royal Mint Friendly Club
14 Royal Mint Place
E1 8LS
Vice Chair: Sayeed Ahmed 
 26. Wapping Sorry, there is no recognised TRA 
in this neighbourhood.  
 27. Lincoln Sorry, there is no recognised TRA 
in this neighbourhood.