Tenant Management Organisations

Council tenants and leaseholders can take responsibility for managing the homes they live in. They do this by forming a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO). The council still owns the homes and the tenants keep the same rights as other council tenants.

Services managed by a TMO vary according to local agreement, but can include:

  • Organising repairs
  • Deciding on caretaking and estate cleaning priorities
  • Collecting rent and managing arrears
  • Employing and managing staff and contractors
  • Looking after public gardens and other shared areas
  • Controlling any estate improvements
  • Providing advice and support to tenants

 We currently work and support four Tenant Management Organisations:

  • Withy TMC
    Near Globe Town Neighbourhood 
  • Dennis TMC
    Near Lincoln Neighbourhood 
  • Birchfield Co-Op
    Near East India Dock Neighbourhood 
  • Bancroft TMO
    Near Globe Town Neighbourhood