File in the Fridge

Emergency information scheme for residents


File in the fridge is free scheme is designed to encourage elderly or vulnerable residents of any age who may need help to keep their medical details on a form in a plastic pot and in a common location – the fridge (as most people have one, and fridges survive during fires).

The pack gives you the means to alert the emergency services to important medical information and contact details, should an accident or sudden illness in your home occur.

It saves the Emergency Services time. And tells them if the you have special medication or allergies.

The pack consists of:

  • A plastic pot with green and white emergency sticker (the green and white stickers are recognised by the emergency services)
  • A basic medical/contact information form
  • Two additional green and white emergency stickers

It's easy to do. Just complete the form with all of your relevant medical information and put it in the pot, which you then place in the fridge.

Put one of the stickers just inside your front door, so that it’s clearly visible to any of the emergency services. And the other on the outside of the fridge.

Get your free File in the Fridge. It could help save your life. (Available to THH residents only.)

You can get a pot from your housing office or if you contact us we can arrange for a housing officer to get one to you.  Unfortunately they don't fit through letterboxes so we can't post one. 

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