Questions to the Board guidelines

If you need help the Governance Officer can help you prepare your question. You must give your name and address when submitting a question as anonymous questions will not be accepted.

Questions to the Board should be on general or strategic issues. Questions concerning individual circumstances should be directed to service managers, or the complaints procedure as appropriate, and will not be answered at the Board meeting.

The first 10 minutes of every Board meeting is set aside to address questions submitted in advance from members of the public.

The Chair will read the question and the response, which will be recorded in the minutes. Supplementary questions arising from the answers given will not be allowed at the meeting. If for any reason it is not possible to give a response during the meeting, the member of the public asking the question will receive a written response within 10 working days. Subject to the Data Protection Act, and at the request of the members of the public, a copy of the answers will be placed on the Tower Hamlets Homes website.