Sharing good practice

THH is committed to sharing good practice between statutory and not-for-profit sectors to help us together meet the diverse needs of  immunities in a Tower Hamlets, the UK and beyond..

We have been invited to participate in a range of workshops and conferences to help improve services for residents.  Where possible, we will make these presentations available, as well as podcasts to hear the presenter talking through the presentation slides.

Podcasts and presentations

LGA Public Sector Equality Duty Conference - November 2013

Aleksandra Jeruzel and James Caspell discuss how knowing your communities is vital in the context of welfare reform, in order to identify and provide support to vulnerable groups.

TPAS Conference South - September 2013

Aleksandra Jeruzel and James Caspell talk about THH's award-winning "We Speak Your Language" project, and how to tackle communication and cultural barriers to improve access to housing services.

Capita Tenant Engagement Conference - September 2011

Safia Jama and James Caspell talk about why equality and diversity is relevant to resident engagement, and helps to ensure that services are improved for all community groups. 

Capita Customer Insight Conference - July 2011

James Caspell talks about why equality and diversity is an essential of any approach to customer insight, and how it can help to improve services and customer satisfaction.