All About You

To plan our services, it is vital that we collect information to understand residents and any individual needs.  We have been using questions in our ‘All About You’ form to collect this information. As a public body the Equality Act 2010 requires us to meet certain duties.

Help us to help you

You may be given the form to complete by one of our officers, or receive a phone call to provide an opportunity to give us this information over the phone, if you wish to.

This information tells us where to direct our services and helps us to make sure that you get the right support and advice. If we can better understand what types of people are most likely to use our services, we can better provide our residents with the opportunity to access those services.  For example, we now know that:

  • The majority (56%) of our tenanted properties are female-headed households, which national research indicates are more likely to be over-crowded
  • Over three-quarters of our tenants are from a Black or Minority Ethnic groups
  • At least 13 per cent of tenants are living in overcrowded households
  • The most widely spoken languages of our residents - other than English - are Bengali, Somali, Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Arabic
  • Over 20% of Tower Hamlets Homes’ tenants are over 70
  • Over 200 residents are wheelchair users, over 300 are blind or have low vision and over 400 residents are deaf or hard of hearing

So, if you’re asked please help us by answering as many questions as you feel comfortable with. Remember all of our questions are optional, but if we know more about you and your needs, we can help to improve the service we provide to you.  If you have any questions about this, or need any help, just ask any member of staff. We'll be happy to help.